Smartcom was born in 2010, and every passing year it expands its partnerships. Today, the agency based in Curitiba operates throughout Brazil and some other countries, such as Germany, United States and Argentina. The idea is to expand so the strategic and integrated communication generates business anywhere you are.






Our agency is more than 360. We work with state of the art and innovative technology in the concepts of integrated communication. Smartcom has an expert team in several fields, not to mention the customized and exclusive service for every client.



Executive Accountant and International Copywriting

With a restless look and novelty-oriented, she bet on corporate communication when her profession wasn’t even regulated. With a degree in Journalism at PUC-PR and post-graduated in Marketing at FAE, specialization in Digital Media at ESPM and master’s degree in Political Studies at Université Paris II Pantheón-Assas, she founded Smartcom to offer something different: bringing together international knowledge and local proximity.

Executive Accountant and Project Manager

Thanks to her refined esthetic sense and for loving the beautiful things in life, she decided to be a designer. Despite the professional paths that had kept her away from the creative department, she was always in brainstormings and following up productions until they were done, to make sure everything was amazing! Her greatest motivation at Smartcom is to see the results of her projects and therefore her clients’ satisfaction in every challenge they set.

Executive Accountant and Copywriting (Curitiba)

Helena loves writing but she knows that doing Journalism is much more than that. After working for years in a newspaper, she brings to the table her experience to promote clients in several areas. At Smartcom, she seeks to deepen the relationship with the press as a means to provide complete and reliable sources from the solutions offered by the companies we service.

Executive Accountant and Copywriting (Londrina)

From TV news to the press office – 10 years dedicated to Journalism. Very communicative, persistent and passionate for stories, our journalist Karen Krinchev loves interviewing and never gives a story away. After five years at Smartcom Curitiba, she went to São Paulo, to work with national clients at the agency.

Executive Accountant and Digital Marketing

Passionate for communication, Rafaela lives a double life, a double identity: on one hand, she dives in Digital Marketing and social media management; on the other, she writes fiction novels and has already published a book. Her ideas at Smartcom are oriented to promote our clients in digital media.